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Core Vision

Lenmed – myBuildings™

Core Vision

What happened?

Lenmed Private Hospitals Pty Ltd successfully implemented myBuildings™. Core Vision Africa’s CEO Jan Marthinus Botha and his team were heavily involved working closely with Mohammed Bera, Givemore Machaka and their team including members from the Lenmed Top-Level Management at Head Office.

The project team was assisted by Mohamed Bera (Procurement and Engineering Manager) and Jayesh Makan (Group Facilities Manager) with the roll-out across 11 hospitals in the Lenmed Group.

What did we achieve?

Nobody likes change. Often change comes with a discomfort and emotions which include fear.

In one particular case a specific site manager was reluctant and almost embarrassed to admit that his computer literacy skills were very limited at the start of the project. Today he is one of the users that is most active on myBuildings™, he takes ownership of tasks and runs one of the flagship sites of the Lenmed Hospital Group.

Additionally, to his own personal growth and positive impact, senior management has taken notice of this and keep him in high regard – especially when important project decisions are made. His input from ground level is greatly respected and appreciated. A fabulous personal success story.

The Results

myBuildings™ was deployed in 2017 by Core Vision Africa

Digitisation and automation

Succeeded in digitisation but also in the automation of specific critical actions Jobs are now actioned seamlessly.

Asset management

Loading of all assets and scheduling of critical tasks, and helped gain valuable industry knowledge about medical assets.

Improved wellbeing

Contributes towards the greater well-being of the hospital site, as response time to enquiries significantly reduced. Communication to administrative and ward staff efficiently improved.