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Core Vision


We’re for building owners and building managers with big ambitions.

A building’s value consists of a myriad of factors: functionality, efficiency, safety, and comfort. But ambition elevates it further for real asset managers.

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Core Vision’s software helps you plan, manage and maintain your real assets, no matter the task. And we work thoughtfully to facilitate the success of our customers — delivering practical PropTech software that empowers all property stakeholders.

As a real asset manager, it’s necessary to handle every detail to maintain the wellbeing of a building. But to maximise your building’s value, you need a bigger vision for the space and its community.

Core Vision’s products help you understand what your buildings are capable of and deliver on that vision to elevate tenant wellbeing and ensure retention. There’s a purpose and a power to your building. And it’s worth more than you realise.

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“It is Core Vision’s support, flexibility and willingness to work with us in evolving the system that is a key element of our successful ongoing relationship, and our ability to service niche markets.”


David McStravick


AMP Capital

Meet Our Team

Kevin Williams

Managing Director

He will say that he went prematurely grey at 30. Anyway, let’s just say there are many years of experience in delivering world class software in that silver hair.

Kane Bullen

Head of Technology (Chief Geek)

The longest serving employee at Core Vision, Kane loves solving real life problems and making peoples’ jobs easier.

Ross Richards

Head of Operations

Ross has navigated the turbulent waters of operational challenges with the finesse of a ninja and the humour of a stand-up comedian. As the Head of Operations, he doesn’t just manage the show; he directs a symphony of productivity, turning chaos into harmony.

Nick Suthers

Business Consultant APAC

Adventure motorcycle fan and YouTube Content Creator wannabe, AKA The Boomerang Biker. This is me, folks!

Jan-Martinus Botha

Chief Executive Officer (Africa)

Howzit! Based in Pretoria, South Africa – of course he loves rugby! Jan-Martin is responsible for our business across the African continent. Go the Bokkies…!

David Taylor

Senior Developer

The classic quiet achiever and undoubtedly the best haircut. David takes on some pretty challenging development tasks but always has the solution.


Web / Application Developer

Say hello to our delightful support front-man! He’s not just the go-to guy for all your tech queries; he’s also the maestro of approachability and the brewmaster of his own beer. Need assistance or a good laugh? He’s your guy, juggling codes and hops with a smile!

Adam Evans

Web Developer

Born and bred in WA, although left for 25 years to New Zealand, Adam will give the South Africans a run for their money over the All Blacks.

Matthew Martin

Web Developer

Core Vision’s top Bridge player, this ‘dev-guy’ has enthusiasm for helping people to understand and participate in the process of software dev. He stays on top of trends and current events by reading the entire internet every day!

Santiago Fernandez

Web Developer

With a career spanning more than two decades, Santi has mastered the intricacies of software development with the finesse of a Flamenco dancer. From debugging bugs to conquering complex algorithms, this seasoned developer has seen it all—and has the code to prove it.

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