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Core Vision

Core Vision achieves ISO 27001

Core Vision

Core Vision has achieved ISO 27001

Our myBuildingsTM application has been successfully certified for ISO 27001.

myBuildingsTM is the leading solution that helps you plan, manage and maintain your real estate assets. While various components of ISO 27001 were already integrated into our business, we dedicated significant time to formalise our Cyber Security and Risk Management measures. With the ISO 27001 framework, our clients can have further confidence that myBuildingsTM is operating an in-depth and risk managed environment suitable for their ongoing needs.

ISO 27001 establishes policies and standards that mitigate risks associated with any client’s access and ensures business processes are standardised and perform consistently. The myBuildingsTM Facilities Management system continues to enhance the ability for our clients to manage their assets.

To see the original PDF please click here:   Core Vision ISO 27001 Certification

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