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Core Vision


Benefit from the use of highly flexible systems in managing building maintenance more effectively and efficiently.

Our solutions are leveraged by health properties around the world each year.

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myBuildingsTM Facilities Management for Health enables efficient achievement of all of the activities necessary to ensure compliance, risk mitigation and quality control that is imperative in health provider facilities. Managers of a health facility have all that they need to control both the scheduling of preventative management and instant reporting of ad hoc maintenance requests from their desktop device or their mobile.

The integrated Asset Management module not only assist in the control of costs but most importantly underpins the reliability and dependability required of key assets in a health provider facility. The powerful Forms Manager allows the configuration of a range of checklists and incident reporting including integrated action and rectification.

myBuildingsTM Facilities Management for Health is configurable to suit any health care facility and is scalable to allow the management of individual properties or a portfolio of health care facilities. Our clients can focus on the health of their patients whilst our system enables the health of their property.

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– Ad-hoc Work Request Management
– Scheduled Work Request Management (PPM)
– Integrated asset management
– Escalation and alerts (Email and SMS options)
– Management information
– Statistics
– Easy to use on any device
– Help desk interface

– Online asset register
– QR code enabled
– Linked documentation and asset information
– Asset group functionality
– Budget and cost tracking
– Mobile and App interfaces

– Certificates of currency
– Induction (company-wide and site specific)
– Preferred contractor
– Mobile and App interface
– Risk mitigation

– Purchase orders
– Contractor complete
– Online invoice load
– Automated invoice content verification
– Delegated level of authority and approvals

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