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Core Vision

Managing your property with one simple, powerful tool.

An all-in-one facilities management system that has been thoughtfully designed and industry tested to help you with every aspect of managing your property.

For the busy building manager.

Your building is a complex ecosystem of people, physical structures, services, maintenance and compliance. It’s necessary to manage the many moving parts, so that you can protect and improve your building’s value while enhancing the daily lives of the people within. myBuildings™ leads the way.

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We offer a smarter way to manage your building.

myBuildings™ combines years of experience, consultation with building managers, tenants and other stakeholders to provide a comprehensive but practical facilities management system.

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Take control of your property using just one system.

Work Request Management System

Keep on top of maintenance, with reactive and planned work requests.

Control Payments

Enable contractors to attach invoices to purchase orders for completed work and approve these for payment — all online.

Integrate Asset Management

Keep your Asset Registers up-to-date, link all work requests to assets and track maintenance costs all in one integrated system.

Ensure Risk Compliance

Stay informed, track insurances, monitor risk, issue alerts, in other words – be sure.

Manage Contractors

Make sure all insurances and induction are current. Enable simple online check-in and work progress logging for work crew.

Configurable and Scalable

The myBuildings™ system works for one building, groups of buildings, is scalable and can be configured to suit any type of property.

Industry-Proven Platform

Built using best-in-class, industry standard technology myBuildings™ continues to help thousands of building managers maximise the power and purpose of their real estate assets.

Connect to Existing Systems

myBuildings™ seamlessly integrates and operates with a number of other industry specialsit systems, optimising the way each moving part works together. Integrations include JD Edwards, MRI, Yardi and Xero.

Maximise the Value and Purpose of Existing Investments

Realise the full potential of your building’s worth by accessing data in realtime to make informed decisions.

Built for every property. Configured for yours.

As a web and mobile-based facility management system, myBuildings™ is easily configured to suit any type of property portfolio. It has virtually unlimited scope and provides interfaces to numerous other industry specialist systems — making it perfect for your unique property management needs.

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A practical, industry-proven platform used in thousands of properties around the world. It’s time to maximise and protect the value of your property.

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Enhance service

Reduce operational costs

Increase tenant retention

Protect asset value

Improve decision-making

Mitigate risk

Get a building “service book”


Support your building community

Communicate effectively

Control maintenance costs

Manage documentation

Track, approve and vote online


Enhance service for centres, outlets or retail portfolios

Reduce operational cost

Reduce risk

Control of service contractors

Communicate with tenants


Enhance service

Reduce operational costs

Increase tenant retention

Protect asset value

Improve decision-making

Mitigate risk

Get a building “service book”

Ready to find out how myBuildings™ can help you transform the way you manage your property?

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