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Core Vision

Shaping the Future of Work: PropTech in a Post-Pandemic Workplace

Core Vision

We are excited to share our latest white paper that delves into the transformative power of PropTech in the post-pandemic era. We believe that our mission extends beyond the realm of technology, as we strive to create nurturing, healthy, and sustainable workspaces that foster productivity and collaboration.

Times are evolving. The pandemic has accelerated trends in health, wellness, sustainability, and flexibility within office spaces. Our white paper, “The Great Reimagining: How PropTech can help us to reimagine the workspace in a post-pandemic world”, explores emerging insights from the property sector and culture at large — and highlights how property technology (PropTech) can address the holistic needs of the workforce, from air quality and cleanliness to safety and mental health.

Here are some insights that have emerged from our exploration:

Reevaluation doesn’t mean reinvention: The pandemic has forced a reevaluation of the role of physical workspaces in the post-pandemic world, with hybrid working becoming a widely accepted ‘new normal’. PropTech can help asset managers realise the full value of real assets like offices by adapting to the changing needs of the workforce.

PropTech can facilitate even better outcomes in the future: Real Estate 4.0 will be characterised by platforms using artificial intelligence, digitisation, and automation, with property management and transaction solutions continuing to be the leading subsegments of PropTech investment.

The pandemic has put the focus on people’s wellbeing in the workplace: The pandemic has accelerated the focus on health, wellness, sustainability, and flexibility in the office environment. Commercial property developers and landlords who recognise and adapt to these needs will benefit from the emerging trends.

Infrastructures need to accommodate sustainability: Sustainability has emerged as a community-level concern alongside individual health and wellness priorities. PropTech companies are investing in R&D to develop solutions that monitor energy usage, use greener building materials, and incorporate virtual and augmented reality to reduce carbon footprints.

Industry professionals need to embrace PropTech tools: To thrive in the rapidly changing environment, real estate professionals need to embrace innovation, adopt agile practices, and be willing to experiment with emerging technologies. Reskilling and upskilling will help them stay successful and competitive in the evolving PropTech landscape.

Our CEO, Kevin Williams, emphasises the timely relevance of this white paper: “As the world continues to adapt to the challenges posed by the pandemic, it’s critical that businesses and commercial property developers understand the role PropTech can play in creating healthier, more sustainable workspaces. Our white paper serves as a guide to help companies prioritise employee wellness and create thriving, future-ready workplaces.”

We invite you to explore our white paper and join us in improving workspaces for a healthier, more sustainable future.

Download our white paper and embark on this exciting journey with us.