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Core Vision

Your building isn’t just a building. It’s a community, a place where people belong.

myLocus™ exists to help you reach and build your community in a way that’s compelling, simple and easy.

A smarter way to manage your community.

See how an intuitive, cloud-based Occupier Engagement Platform helps create happier, healthier and inclusive building communities.

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Belong in the place where you live or work.

As a new tenant or occupier, there’s always a lot to wrap your head around when settling into a new space. myLocus™ makes things easier by connecting you to the services, facilities and people in your building.

Unlock the potential of your building by easily booking common areas, locker rooms, bike racks, wellness classes and more, directly through the portal.

Meet new people through exclusive building community events. Find out about the best places to eat and socialise from reviews and recommendations given by your fellow occupiers.

Plan your day, every day and personalise your dashboard as it learns your preferences over time.

Create and enjoy having your own perfect PA by using your building’s concierge services, and staying up-to-date with the latest news.

Have your say with direct access to your building’s management team and suggest new features through forms, surveys and polls.

Create an engaged community, right in your building.

Every building owner knows the value of their building is no longer determined only by location. There is competition for good tenants and there is a need for differentiation. Our solution can assist in establishing a community in your building and creating a sense of belonging.

Keep your tenants happy with services including booking of facilities such as lockers, bike racks, wellness classes. Provide easy access to concierge services and more.

Activate the spaces and amenities, building demand and appreciation for what your building has to offer.

Show off the unique advantage of your building and community, with customisable portals and news services.

Keep an ear to the ground by gaining insights through polls, surveys and feedback. Measure the effect of these initiatives via the integrated analytics.

Grow sales for your service providers by boosting their visibility and allowing them to engage with the building community with special offers.

Know your building. Inside and out.

Build stronger relationships with your tenants by using myLocus to enable two-way dialogue.

Manage your buildings in one central system, including easy reviews and approval processes, and share content across multiple properties.

Help your occupiers find and use concierge services, find new stores and businesses around them and build community.

Get a closer understanding of your community’s needs, and keep your finger on the pulse of your building at all times.

The perfect customer. Right at your door.

Grab the opportunity! Engage with the community in the building by using the powerful communication tools in myLocus.

Convert one-off sales into repeat loyal customers by encouraging  customers to ‘bookmark’ your business.

Create positive buzz by adding new product images, write-ups and reviews on your directory profile.

Attract new customers through the myLocus portal.

Promote your business in new and creative ways.

Launch special events and functions even targeting specific groups through the portal.

Engage your building’s people, your community and create a sense of belonging.

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Taking care of your building using just one portal.

Personalised Dashboard

Manage your day and week through your own portal. Book events or facilities, get information on what interests you and be notified of “specials.

Expose Retail Services

Connect with your retail tenants and invite them to participate in the community by displaying their services to the people living or working in the building.

Ratings & Surveys

Use surveys and polls to identify the things your people love. Let them rate and recommend the services and facilities the building offers to their friends. Make sure they receive relevant and useful information.

Community Directory

Connect tenants with each other and enable them to explore the people and places around them.

Sharing to Social Networks

Share any news, retailers, facilities and building amenities on social media networks and create a buzzing events calendar.

On-Demand Concierge

Access your concierge through your dashboard and select from a list of helpful services.

Building Information

Advertise your building’s marquee facilities, amenities and features.

System Usage Analytics

Site teams can gain insights about how the portal is being used, what interests the building community, what facilities are used and what retail offers are exciting.

Activate Spaces

Expose the facilities that the building offers. Inform the community and let them book the things that they want to use.

Enter a brand new way to live, work and thrive.

As an opt-in platform, our portal allows you to control what tenants can personalise in their dashboard, subscribe to events they care about, and manage their day-to-day amenities to and from the office. And as a human-centred Occupier Management Platform, the myLocus™ portal truly enables you to connect with the people and places around your office.

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