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Core Vision

Announcement of Strategic Partnership with OMNILINK

Louise Roberts

We are excited to announce that Core Vision and OMNILINK have formed a strategic partnership. Together we will be increasing our joint footprint in the educational sector as schools are increasingly more aware of the critical importance of property and asset management. We are already at work implementing our combined solution at schools in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Further, OMNILINK are working with the Core Vision Development Team to provide a map interface to myBuildings with their AssetWhere™ product. This will allow the viewing of smart building and room plans, underground services and assets as an integrated link from myBuildings™.

Feel free to reach out to OMNILINK’s Director Philip Caunter ( to explore the benefits of their mapping capabilities and consulting services in Asset Management and learn how AssetWhere™ and myBuildings™ are integrating.