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Core Vision

Attacq as the first client using myView

Core Vision

It is a legal requirement for all commercial and retail properties in South Africa to be able to keep record of all legislative and compliance related documentation and retrieve these at any given time. The Attacq Group is now storing all of their relevant documents as a digital copy in the myBuildings™ Document Library module. Having this information recorded digitally with 24/7 access has now become the source for deeper analysis.

About the Project

Phase 1:

Jan Marthinus Botha, CEO of Core Vision Africa, was heavily involved in the rollout of the myBuildings™ platform which has now become a standard across all Attacq properties. The initial phase included the replacement of a labour intensive and highly flawed paper-process by a straight-forward, easy to understand digital process embedded in the myBuildings™ software platform.

As an early adopter, Attacq was keen to take the system to the next level and assist with the specifications of the brand-new myView module (Analytics Dashboard and Auto-reporting Tool). myView is scheduled to come to the market in Q2/2020 in Australia. The client had a vision for this analytics tool: This included the ability to identify whether a document for a specific type and sub-type is loaded (does the property even have a copy of this particular document recorded in the document library) and secondly, whether that document type and sub-type was even valid. For example, the Garden Route Mall does not require a lift and escalator COC because there is no such asset within the mall.

Thirdly, the document analysis included a check as to whether the document was still valid or had expired or was going to expiry within the next 30 or 60 days.

With these analytical checks in place, the National Portfolio Managers Stephan Schutte and Jaco van Aswegen are now empowered to see at a glance, whether their entire portfolios (shown in a percentage graphical display) are within the acceptable compliance parameters or not. They can also further drill down into site specific documents for more information as required, allowing the management by exception, greatly saving administrative time wasted in the past.

Phase 2:

The second phase of this project will cover appointments and policies which will be based on cross-checking the validity of these certificate. For example: To appoint a first aid officer requires both – an appointment policy document with expiry date as well as qualified training for the individual that is appointed, and that individual is then granted a certificate with an annual renewal requirement.

Within myView the Attacq Group will now not only validate the legislative documentation of the appointment but also cross check the validity of said document against a valid, specialised certificate achieved by the specific individual.


With the inclusion of the myView Analytics Dashboard and Auto-reporting module, the Attacq team is now fully equipped to access information in real-time. An exercise which would have taken months of back and forth activities in the past can now be executed accurately within just a few seconds!

Outlook: Phase 3 and 4:

Together with the client, the Core Vision Africa team will focus on compliance schedules and checklists related to specific assets as well as compliance schedules related to non-asset related events (renewals and annual inspections, etc).

The myView module is highly focused on risk mitigation and early awareness of potential risk. This is just the beginning for the Attacq portfolio, the potential of using this module is limitless.