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Core Vision

HFM – Partnership

Core Vision

What happened?

Core Vision and HFM formed a strategic partnership. HFM, with 15+ years of experience, have been providing onsite Facility Management and Utility Performance Consulting services to a host of industry sectors. Their aim is to improve the efficiency of any building, resulting in massive savings for the owner.

With clients repeatedly returning to HFM for professional advice before making important investment decisions involving their assets, we could see a mutually aligned vision for the companies.

What did we achieve?

We are all about solving real problems and providing solutions to all stakeholders, involved in facilities management across multiple sectors. By combining unparalleled service with practical industry specific products, we deliver an experience that works.

HFM can facilitate the implementation process by assisting in the setup of documentation, compliance related preventative maintenance schedules, asset information, contractor details, and much more in one central location, ensuring that there is a smooth flow when rolling out the system.

Industry leaders in the provision of cloud-based management software

Flexible cloud-based systems

Facilities and asset management for various sectors.

Seamless integration

Our expertise allows for implementation with minimal friction.

Established and trusted

Our long term clients are testimony to all that we claim.

Training and suport

Enables facility managers to deliver quality services.