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Digital Twins – a practical and proven example from Core Vision

Core Vision

Although Building Information Modelling (BIM) which focuses on building design and construction has probably been discussed more over the last few years, the concept of Digital Twins and the application of this technology to the property sector has been bubbling around for some time. It is the Digital Twin models which focus on how people interact with built environments that are the more logical fit to what we do.

Recently Core Vision has seen a surge in interest probably sparked by recent developments around the improved ability to digitise and visually represent the physical elements of a building and operational processes that support a building. Adding to this momentum is the availability of Microsoft’s Digital Twin platform which enables developers to build practical, industry-specific applications.

The visual representation of a building and the opportunities this presents in leasing, training, emergency evacuation, fit-outs, and inductions are evident – in other words, easy to see. However, under the covers, the use of Digital Twins has many other advantages and applications.

For example, in schools. In conjunction with Education Horizons Group (EHG), Core Vision has created an integration between the myBuildingsTM Facilities Management system and the EHG digital representation of a school (AssetWhereTM) to enhance the ability to manage maintainable assets. By marrying the digital layout of the school and its assets with myBuildingsTM this solution has helped schools achieve significant efficiencies around asset maintenance.

Core Vision has maintained the relevance of myBuildingsTM over the years by being aware of the technology that can be practically applied to the sector it serves. Digital Twin as a concept offers many advantages to the property sector. As always, Core Vision’s solutions take into account, relevance, practical use, cost-effectiveness, integration points, and most of all client requirements.

The potential efficiency and optimisation gains are numerous. The Core Vision team will continue to evolve its software solutions in this space and is excited to work closely with its clients on this journey.