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Has COVID-19 accelerated the adoption of CRE or has it just highlighted the need for CRE

Core Vision

It goes without saying that technology and software can assist in addressing various activities and processes that are needed to safeguard tenants and Occupiers in commercial, retail and for that matter any property. However, there is almost a belief that much of this technology is new and has been developed because of COVID-19.

Undoubtedly some has, but we at Core Vision have been providing the type of software solutions that are being described as “essential” for over 20 years. We have been advocating systems to assist in ensuring well managed and safe building environments for years. We have always said that occupier wellbeing and safety is underpinned by good facility management.

Yes, COVID-19 has highlighted this and the need for the ability to manage remotely and to support tenants in a safe way with minimal manual intervention. However, our solutions have provided for this need all along.

Organisations are being urged to consider Commercial Real Estate (CRE) software more but at the same time being warned against falling for hype. On the one hand we agree, on the other hand there is some very well proven software solutions out there including our own myBuildingsTM Facilities Management System and Occupier Engagement Platform, myLocusTM.

In deploying our solutions, it is and has been possible to provide the very best occupier experience in well maintained buildings safely, efficiently and cost effectively. It is possible to protect revenue and safeguard buildings against various market challenges.

Yes, CRE software is essential, particularly now and a lot of advice on selecting CRE software is being given. It is important however, to see through the hype, to discern the proven solutions that have demonstrated relevance through tenure. Any good CRE software such as myBuildingsTM and myLocusTM should for example:

  • Be easy to deploy
  • Be practical to use
  • Support good communication
  • Enable efficiency – give your teams time
  • Integrate to other specialised systems

None of these recommended selection criteria are new to Core Vision. We have been providing practical, relevant, easy to deploy and cost-effective software to the property sector since 2005 on the basis of these criteria. For more information please contact us.