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Is working from home the new norm after COVID-19?

As some countries slowly welcome the more relaxed social distancing laws, building owners and property managers will see the gradual return of tenants and occupiers to their buildings. However, one has to ask, has this new way of working from home created the “new norm” for some companies? Whether a workforce can operate effectively from home will be question that only individual companies can answer. Maybe a mixed or hybrid approach will be considered. There are many factors to consider.

There are studies that reveal the fact that remote employees work 1.4 more days per month more than their office-based counterparts. On the other hand, there are certain jobs or tasks that really do need to be undertaken in an office environment. There is much to be said for face-to-face interaction and the dynamic of the team etc. There will undoubtably be questions and more companies may examine the merits of employing a hybrid model of occupancy. Landlords and owners will be affected by this shift but “the office” is still an integral component of the make-up of many organisations.

The Solution

Property managers need to ensure that tenants and occupiers of their building are not only provided with well-appointed amenities but that there is an engaged community leading to a continued sense of belonging. The property managers’ ultimate goal is to encourage and support a full occupancy in the building. It is crucial to recognise that many of their tenants will however operate as a mix of office-bound and working-from-home hybrid.

To this end, strategic tools such as Core Vision’s myLocus Occupier Engagement Platform will support the workforce in the office and maintain an “office-like” engagement of the workforce, keeping occupiers informed on what is happening in and around the building. This will help to maintain that belonging and community feel that is often lost when working remotely.

Core Vision’s cloud-based Occupier Engagement Platform, myLocus, supports a happier, healthier and inclusive building community – even in times when some members of that building community are not at the office.

Ready to find out how myLocus can help you create an engaged community?