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Core Vision

Ivan Pavicic – Realcomm Conference Nashville

Louise Roberts

As the Realcomm Nashville Conference came to an end, we wanted to hear the latest from Ivan Pavicic, Core Visions Head of Operations, on the latest insights from the USA.

Key Takeaways

The Conference covered a number of different but complementing aspects of commercial and corporate real estate involved with technologies driving smart, connected, and intelligent buildings. Various software systems, hardware, and solutions providers were present showcasing their offering and sharing their insights. With Corevision’s brand new Occupier Engagement Platform (myLocus) aimed at customer experience, my takeaways from the conference are (mostly) from that perspective (software systems with focus on occupier services and client/customer/occupier/tenant experience).

Whilst still relatively new, the global commercial real estate markets hot topic is all about connecting more with its tenants, which has over the years significantly dissolved.  This game changing occupier/tenant platform is redefining how building owners/managers can transform this relationship, resulting in increased loyalty of its tenants.

According to the industry feedback received over the last few years, building occupiers are becoming more sophisticated and are expecting a system, such as myLocus to enable them to interact with their building, connect with others and access available amenities.  They demand similar experiences to what they are accustomed to when using other modern systems/services; quick, easy to use, visually appealing interfaces that deliver results, services and information on demand. Occupiers are basing their experience expectations on systems and services associated with social media, ridesharing, online shopping, etc. which put the user at the forefront.

Although commercial/residential/mixed use buildings of different sizes utilize systems of different scale to deliver a variety of services and functionality, no system is based on a single software solution or hardware implementation. There is no silver bullet that will create smart building automation, provide occupier engagement, ensure tenant retention, enhance customer experience, etc. Depending on the size and scale, modern building systems can be composed of up to 20 to 30 different but interconnected hardware and software solutions, on top of which a variety of services can be delivered. In most cases, what differentiates building systems from one another is how the various technologies are used, how well they work together, and what services are available/delivered to the occupiers.

Core Vision’s new Occupier Engagement Platform, myLocus, was recognised as a viable component of intelligent and connected building systems by a number of conference attendees including building owners/managers, solution providers, and consultants.

Overall, what the conference confirmed was, Core Vision is doing things right! We are all about solving real problems and providing solutions suited to real world applications.