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Core Vision

Tenant Experience: Increasing Tenant Satisfaction and Retention!

According to the Harvard Business School Survey, 95% of service professionals put in a 50+ work hour week whether in the office or in the home office, and this trend continues to rise. Couple this with a growing element of loneliness in the workplace, and this presents a worrying issue for organisations to address.

Core Vision’s myLocus engagement occupier platform is revolutionising the tenant experience in the commercial property space, and we are seeing many positive results from myLocus implementations, including engaging with staff.

The workplace, as we once knew it, is changing. Building owners and property managers are taking note. This shifting mindset, one that was previously centered around developing an amenity-rich facility, is recognising that value is further derived from leveraging the holistic aspects of the building. Put simply, this means developing a community beyond the brick-and-mortar elements to create a true sense of belonging for the occupiers and tenants. This new shift recognizes the importance of creating meaningful relationships; instead of just the traditional tenant to manager relationship, we now see the relationship extending to the landlord and everyone who occupies or interacts with the building. In summary, we are describing a community with multi-dimensional relationships.

The new workplace wants easy access to its building’s offerings, such as gyms, bike and locker facilities, concierge services, network activities, retail events, and community building information, to name a few. Put simply, convenience.

Clients are reporting overall better efficiencies through managing the building in one central database, better understanding of tenants’ needs through polls and questionnaires, mutually beneficial relationships leading to long-term leases and tenants reporting a better experience through having easy access to the building’s amenities, spaces and events. This sentiment has also spread to local retailers in the building’s hub (some of them tenants), who are given the opportunity of offering exclusive specials on their products and services to a community on their doorstep at no charge.

Core Vision’s cloud-based occupier engagement platform, myLocus, enables communication and activates spaces, creating a happier, healthier and inclusive building community.

Ready to find out how myLocus can help you create an engaged community?