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Core Vision

The New Strata Management Act & Implications for the COO

Core Vision

As of 1st May 2020, the much-anticipated amendments to the Strata Titles Act 1985 came into effect in Australia aimed at clarifying the role of strata management and the by-laws adopted by individual strata developments.

The more significant changes took effect in the following areas:

  • The role of the strata manager.
  • Clarity regarding the by-laws.
  • The need for a ten-year maintenance plan.
  • The promotion of modern technology for better communication and transparency.

Using Western Australia as an example, the new strata laws will support the growing number of people who own, work or live in a strata property, as well as those looking to buy into strata developments. The changes being introduced will modernise the legal strata framework and deliver a better strata system for the future.

With the passing of the amendments to the Act, the definition of what Strata Management entails presents the Council of Owners (COO) with a significant question to be answered: “What do we do about Facilities Management?” In the past, the role of the Strata Manager was not sufficiently or clearly defined.

Previously, some strata managers offered a degree of facilities management, whilst many completely overlooked this crucial component of a well-run development. For example, there was, was no legal requirement for maintenance plans, even for critical services such as fire protection.

Thanks to the amendments to the Act, the COO must now find a way to enable Facilities Management to ensure that the building is compliant and well maintained. Amongst other critical issues, each strata development must have plans in place to maintain key assets and allocate budgets for replacement.

For these reasons, the need for Facilities Management systems to assist in strata residential developments has never been greater. Our web and mobile-based facility management system myBuildings™ Residential is highly configurable and has a number of key features which are specifically designed to support the COO in looking after their assets. Request a product demo for your building today.