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Core Vision

Unique integration of Occupier Experience and Facilities Management underpins Wellbeing

Louise Roberts

Core Vision is very excited to announce the initial release of the integration of our myBuildings Facilities Management system and our recently available myLocus Occupier Engagement platform.

Both products stand-alone as world class offerings in their own right. However, if there is one word which describes or underpins the unique advantage of Core Vision’s integrated products, it is Wellbeing.

A term that is often difficult to explain but the result of Wellbeing is as defined, “the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy”

In order to “be comfortable” we have to start with a healthy and well looked after building or environment. For example, we want clean toilettes, clean air, comfortable temperature, working lifts and so on. Building Owners and Managers have achieved this over the years by implementing myBuildings.

A clean, well maintained and efficiently functioning building goes a long way to achieving Occupier Wellbeing but what about, connecting people with the building by using its facilities, connecting with other people in the building, feeling as though one is a member of the community, feeling like you belong. To achieve this we offer myLocus.

When uniquely combined and integrated these two product sets by Core Vision truly address Occupier Wellbeing and the advantages of this for all stakeholders.

“This first release is only the beginning” – “we see a deeper and deeper integration of the two product sets, even an adoption of the contemporary look-and-feel of myLocus into the myBuildings product “ – says Kevin Williams MD Core Vision.

For more information contact Ivan Pavicic  –  Operations Manager Core Vision