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Core Vision

Why it doesn’t pay to wait! Preventative Maintenance in Facilities Management

Louise Roberts

The term “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” has long since lost its relevance as an excuse! A thorough preventative maintenance plan should be an integral part of any good facilities management plan, with results indicating as much as a 12% reduction in department spend if implemented correctly.  Whilst over the years, the implementation of a preventative maintenance program was seen as very time consuming and costly, computerised maintenance management software solutions, are making life easier for today’s facility managers.

As the industry leaders in facilities and asset management systems since 2001, Core Vision – myBuildings, provides a cloud based system where maintenance teams are able to easily organise and retrieve important information, schedule maintenance across all of its asset classes, deploy automated work request orders and once the job has been completed, provide a seamless integration with its accounts payable function. By automating this cycle one is assured of the fact that the job has been done, accurately and invoiced, accurately and paid accurately. .

This preventive maintenance platform makes not only the facilities managers’ job easier but it’s a won over the vote from the contractors doing the work. Job alerts or reminders on maintenance schedules are sent directly via the work order request feature including full details on the job and in some cases the parts needed. On arrival at site, the contractor has access to the online check in feature which allows them to do an online “I’m here”, perform a site induction, access relevant information or documentation (even a Hazmat statement) and commence work on the work order. They can then complete the job, add any comments and be confident that all of the activities will be logged with the invoice being accurately despatched for payment. .

So, do you need any more reasons to change to a computerised maintenance management system?

The benefits of a preventative maintenance plan significantly outweigh the cost and effort of implementing them. For example, consider –

  • Equipment down time is reduced on a scheduled maintenance service rather than the time taken when something goes wrong suddenly
  • Asset lifespan is maximised if that asset is maintained correctly Improved safety and quality of workplace conditions
  • Better economical use of contractors who work on a scheduled basis rather than on a reactive basis
  • Plus – no big capital expenditure surprises

And above all…. Improved Customer Service – Your customers put their trust and confidence in the service you provide.  They expect that you to manage costs, ensure quality of work, mitigate risk, in summary protect asset value.  Do these things and you will retain a loyal base of clients.

With over 10,000 properties managed internally or through management companies, using their system, global clients across  commercial, retail, residential, aged care, manufacturing, education, hospitality, strata, health use myBuildings by Core Vision to efficiently provide world class facilities management.