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Core Vision

Attacq – myView

Core Vision

What happened?

It is a legal requirement for all commercial and retail properties in South Africa to be able to keep record of all legislative and compliance related documentation and retrieve these at any given time.

The Attacq Group is now storing all of their relevant documents as a digital copy in the myBuildings™ Document Library module allowing for secured access 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

What did we achieve?

With the inclusion of the myView Analytics Dashboard and Auto-reporting module, the Attacq team is now fully equipped to access information in real-time. An exercise which would have taken months of back and forth activities in the past can now be executed accurately within just a few seconds!

Together with the client, the Core Vision Africa team will focus on compliance schedules and checklists related to specific assets as well as compliance schedules related to non-asset related events (renewals and annual inspections, etc).

The Results

myView is revolutionising analytics in myBuildings™

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Risk mitigation is a priority

The myView module is highly focused on risk mitigation and early awareness of potential risk. This is just the beginning for the Attacq portfolio, the potential of using this module is limitless.

Validity of legislative documentation

Within myView the Attacq Group will now not only validate the legislative documentation of the appointment but also cross check the validity of said document against a valid, specialised certificate achieved by the specific individual.

Efficiency by Automation

Replacement of a labour intensive and highly flawed paper-process by a straight-forward, easy to understand digital process embedded in the myBuildings™ software platform